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Every week two friends get together on TeamSpeak to talk about whatever randomness pops in their heads.

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    22. Hipster Coffee

    This week, we cover coffee, WalMart, Secret Santa's, and whether or not fountain pen ink qualifies as hazmat. Phil also reminds Yvgenii of a rather embarrassing moment in his podcasting history.

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    21. Raptor Handles

    Phil rants on trilogies, Yvgenii ponders the meaning of coffee, and they contemplate what makes for good music and work their way through hammering out an Instagram live video.

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    20. Inception Tattoo

    Yvgenii gets cranky about the iPad talk on all his favorite podcast, Phil gets his iPhone repair skills on, and Michael eavesdrops his way into the Inception Tattoo!

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    19. The Liquor Episode

    There may have been a topic but we'll never know. Why? Because this week, the guys jump down the rabbit hole of moonshine, homemade hooch, and tequila.

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    18. Hashtag Sarcasm!

    This week Yvgenii finds out that his hatred of snow is universal, a package comes in from China, Phil is doing more housework, and Deadpool is Pikachu?

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    17. Paul Bunyan Isn't Green?

    This week the guys get hungry for deer chili, Yvgenii can't remember which fictional tall guy goes where, and they both sidetrack through DnD, elections, and computers.

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    16. Bleep to the Future

    This week the guys do word association and get lost in a crazy comparison of end times. They also get caught up in Discord. Or is it that they get distracted? Let's go with distracted.

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    15. Amazon Gas Masks

    This week Karma continues with her antics, Phil waxes philosophical about being a millionaire, and Yvgenii questions Phil's choice in vehicles.

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    14. The Phil of the Dance

    This week Phil completely breaks Yvgenii with Common Core Math, Times Newer Roman, and they somehow recover to talk drones, desks, and potential new hobbies.

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    13. Karma Leaked

    This week Phil goes fruit shopping, Yvii moves apartments, and his new apartment has 3 leakes, two of which moved in with him.

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    12. Taking a Walk

    This week Yvii temporarily lost his drone. Phil lost his mind on a Go-Live, and Windows tries to destroy a new laptop.

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    11. ZeroBleepCoins

    This week, the guys, well, they get distracted. Really, really distracted. This is what happens when you make a coin, or coins to literally give zero F----.

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    10. Subaru Ring of Fire

    This week, Phil makes the mistake of updating, SiriusXM goes on a stalking spree, and the podfort got a facelift.

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    9. Smartest Dumb Watch

    This week, the guys briefly discuss the latest Apple event before getting sidetracked on video games, podcast choices, and a brief interlude with Mad Max.

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    8. The Bleeping Episode

    This week, Phil takes on his disdain of Monopoly. Yvgenii plays Devil's advocate for debt, communism, and capitalism. They also try to remember old Canadian shows.

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    7. In British Racing Green

    This week, the guys get sidetracked by cars, third feet, broken internet, and Yvgenii builds a pod-tent.

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    6. Break The Hard Pipe In Half

    This week, Phil and Yvii talk about their pets and how cats and dogs like to switch up roles. Phil also takes it to next level disgusting with his most recent home renovation.

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    5. Phil-Harmonic

    This week, Yvgenii talks about his website woes, Phil is disappointed,.and the show goes off the rails when Phil sends Yvgenii what is probably the best link shared thus far on the podcast.

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    4. Chunky for Your Protection

    This week, the guys revisit sawdust, talk about horrible pronunciation, video games, and appropriate times to quit with day drinking.

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    3. And That is How Sawdust is Born

    This week, Phil & Yvgenii talk about mail, Spectrum leaving New York, social media, and the birth of sawdust. Yvgenii also finds himself conflicted about moving.

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    2. That's Twice Tonight

    Phil worked on his house. Yvgenii was horrified by Phil's music choices, and had a spurt of productivity. Logos were chosen and brains were broken, this week on Phil-osophical.

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    1. Sometimes the D-pad is Good

    In this premier episode of Phil-osophical, Phil and Yvgenii try to find an overall premise for the show but end up sidetracked on Cruisin' USA and other random gaming nonsense.

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