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Every week two friends get together on TeamSpeak to talk about whatever randomness pops in their heads.

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    30. An Egg McMuffin Wrapped In Phil

    This week, well, yeah, it's all over the place. The guys touch on Discord, Phil's one word hi-jinx, and Yvgenii finds new and inventive ways to stick his foot in his mouth all while talking Phil into an interesting recording of Hyperthetical. You'll really want to listen to episode 30 of that one when it comes out.

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    29. R/NoContext

    This week, Phil is in his new office, the guys talk about Yvgenii's new "how to podcast video", and Phil breaks Yvgenii's brain when he has to explain the most basic of jokes.

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    28. Thank You for Ruining My Evening

    This week, the guys talk about how you can get free alcohol on cruises, Phil enlightens Yvgenii on some messed up theories from childhood T.V. shows, and they go off the rails on a tax proposal from Arizona.

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    27. Never Get The Bottom Bag

    This week, the chinchilla makes a not so triumphant return, Phil talks about his trip to Philly, Yvgenii talks about YouTube's ever so great video prediction before offending Canadians, and the guys get off the rails talking about bag milk.

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    26. Shouldn't They Sexy Up The Box?

    This week shows up to talk with Yvgenii about misleading commercials and what it's like to actually do an episode of Phil-osophical. Talk about Meta.

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    25. Dad Jokes Again?

    Phil has internet issues, Yvgenii pretends to be elevator music, and the guys dive down the rabbit hole of corny jokes and random video games.

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    24. Talking Into a Chinchilla

    Yvgenii switches microphones yet again, Phil comes up with a decent recording idea, and they talk about things that manage to break the brain through tech support hell before Phil convinces Yvii to do a silent YouTube video.

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    23. The Boom Arm Won

    Coffee is back as the guys talk about fancy toilets, audio mishaps, and Yvgenii is somehow shocked by Phil's choice in coffee grinders.

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    22. Hipster Coffee

    This week, we cover coffee, WalMart, Secret Santa's, and whether or not fountain pen ink qualifies as hazmat. Phil also reminds Yvgenii of a rather embarrassing moment in his podcasting history.

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    21. Raptor Handles

    Phil rants on trilogies, Yvgenii ponders the meaning of coffee, and they contemplate what makes for good music and work their way through hammering out an Instagram live video.

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